Digital Constructibility Models for
General Maintenance Process of Smelting Equipment for a very important mining operation in Northern Chile.

Challenge: The set of equipment for one of the largest smelting plants worldwide needs more than a dozen pieces of equipment from the production line for a major mining operation in Northern Chile. The challenge of coordinating a team of over 1400 professionals, several companies, managing and executing equipment maintenance on a very tight deadline involved a different outlook of how to address the challenge.

Proposal: The professional team of Innovaxxion made a detailed observation, survey and analysis of the challenge and proposed the creation and development of the concept we call “Three-dimensional models of Digital Constructibility”, the project was understood and successfully carried out by the large team of professionals who completed the activities in record time.

Result: A series of digital dynamic models allowed to recreate sequences of disarmament, maintenance and assembly of the equipment involved and provided a holistic view to the planning and implementation of the project activities from a vision of enhanced PMO. The project benefited the various working groups, it helped to coordinate, plan maintenance work and visualize the specific tasks and job stream that prevented delays and possible accidents.