We escape from the comfort of the known to respond to a common challenge.


This is the principle that forms the spirit and the essence of our team. Through innovation we give non-trivial answers, bounding what is not connected, and transforming it into new products, services, processes, and new business models that generate value and economic return to our costumers.


Success begins by identifying problems and turning them into challenges.


Something that defines us is the ability to turn the problems into creative ideas , that deliver profitable solutions to our constumers.

More than 70% of failures in proyects and initiatives start with brilliant ideas. However, more than 90% of successful cases begin with turning problems into challenges.


We empower our customer´s , solutions by orchestrating ideas and networks.


A good solution to the challenges of our clients requires structuring an ecosystem that supports the proposal. We specialize in orchestrating ideas and networks, that is to say, we articulate and empower solutions that we design and propose to our customers’ challenges.


We have learnt that the best way to avoid failure is to fail at the earliest and cheapest possible stage of a project.


This is the principle that validates our methods. Through our experience we’ve learned that the best way to avoid failure is to fail in the earliest stage.

We are checking permanently the chances for innovation and the solutions tied to it, and from there start the prototypes. This allows us to obtain feedback, to analyze data and to refine the idea, in order to get to the next stage of solution’s development. This way, we create value giving original solutions to our costumers.


For things to change, it must change the way we look at them. Therefore, the solutions that we deliver to our clients are based on a methodology that gives them a different and unique vision.

We know that our customer's problems are unique the Challenges and each solution we developed requires a particular and special vision about the possible and feasible responses to this “challenge”. The “how we do it”, requires a set of methodologies and crossing skills that are part of our greatest asset, our professionals.


The way we do things is based on the original concept of “Ideo Method”, that we have refined and adapted to the reality in which has immersed each of our clients, achieving highly innovative solutions, unique in their type, answering and perfectly solving the “Challenges” presented by our customers.